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            The Wrecks of Isle Royale


Wreck Name



Date Sank



48*06'41"N  88*31'55"W

Saturday, November 07, 1885



47*53'39"N  89*13'15"W

Thursday, June 07, 1928

Chester A. Congdon


48*11'36"N  88*30'52"W

Wednesday, November 06, 1918



47*51'28"N  89*19'32"W

Wednesday, July 25, 1877

Emperor   (Bow)


48*12'02"N  88*29'30"W

Wednesday, June 04, 1947

Emperor   (Stern)


48*12'02"N  88*29'30"W

Wednesday, June 04, 1947

George M. Cox


47*51'28"N  89*19'32"W

Saturday, May 27, 1933



47*57'8"N  88*44'53"W

Saturday, November 01, 1924

Henry Chisholm


47*51'28"N  89*19'32"W

Thursday October 20,1898



48*5'6"N  88*45'53"W

Sunday, December 04, 1927



48*11'20"N  88*26'3"W

Thursday, December 06, 1906



America was a steel freighter that was 183' long.  The bow of the ship has ice damage but the middle and stern of the ship are in good shape.  Use caution if penetrating this wreck or any other wreck as silt stirs easily.  The wreck is located in the North Gap of Washington Harbor.


Chester A. Congdon was a steel freighter that was 532' long. The Congdon sank after it ran aground in thick fog. The bow of the ship has an intact pilot house for exploration.  The wreck is located on Congdon Shoal South of Canoe Rocks



George M. Cox was a steel steamer that was built in 1901.  It was 259' long.  The ship struck the Rock of Ages reef in fog in 1933.  The superstructure of the ship was flattened when it sunk.  There is machinery to be explored as well as scattered wreckage.  The wreck is located SW of Rock of Ages Lighthouse.


Cumberland and the Henry Chisholm wreckage is scattered among each other.   The ships sank 21 years apart but there is no clear line between the two wreck sites.  The Cumberland was a side wheel steamer.  The steamer was built in 1871 and was 214' long.  The Cumberland hit the Rock of Ages and was not recoverable.   Storms pushed the wreck off the reef into deeper water.  The Chisholm was a steam barge built in 1880 and was 270' long.  The Chisholm also struck the Rock of Ages.  Machinery and timbers from both ships are scattered among each other.  The Chisholm engine slid off the reef and now rests upright on the 150 bottom.  The wrecks are located near the Rock of Ages Lighthouse.


Emperor was a steel freighter that was 525' long.  The ship ran aground on Canoe Rocks and sank.  The ship was carrying 10,000 tons of iron ore and sank very fast.  The ship is broken in two pieces with the stern largely intact.  The wreck is located at the NE end of Canoe Rocks.


Glenlyon was a steel freighter that was 328' long.  The ship struck a reef while trying to find shelter from a storm.  The engine is interesting and easily viewable. The wreck is located at Glenlyon Shoal North of Menagerie Island.


Kamloops was a freighter that was 250' long.  The ship disappeared in a storm in 1927.  The ship was discovered by divers in 1977.  This wreck has been explored by ROV after it was discovered.  The wreck lies in more than 200' of water and is far beyond sport diving limits.  


Monarch was a 240' wooden hulled steamer.  The ship ran into the Palisades (a rocky cliff) in very cold weather with blowing snow. The engine and boilers have been salvaged.  There is very large sections of the hull, machinery, and decking to be explored.  The wreck is located offshore from the Palisades on the North side of Blake Point.


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